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Motorized vhs c cassette adapter Battery operated Included

  • MPN: VCC113
  • Model: VW-GTE73
  • Format: VHS-C
  • Compatible Brand: JVC-RCA-PANASONIC
Shipping we only ship to confirmed ebay address please check your shipping address carefully before checkout (will not work with 8mm tapes)battery-operated included in usa only!!play it again.easy conversion from vhs-c to standard vhs format (motorized so tape loading and unloading is fast and easy)compatible brand:jvc~rca~panasonicenjoy your home movies instantly! Motorized, so tape loading and unloading is fast and easyautomatically loads amp unloads your vhs-c cassettes at a touch of a Read More...


End Date: 2017-12-15 18:26

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