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6 Cell Battery For Lenovo Ideapad

  • Brand: PowerSmart
  • MPN: NLV042.083
  • UPC: Does not apply
Batt_power replacement for lenovo ideapad g56, lenovo e47, ideapad b470, ideapad b475, ideapad b570, ideapad g460, ideapad g465, ideapad g470, ideapad g475, ideapad g560, ideapad g565, ideapad g570, ideapad g575, ideapad g770, ideapad g780, ideapad v360, ideapad v370, ideapad v470, ideapad v570, ideapad z370, ideapad z460, ideapad z465, ideapad z470, ideapad z565, ideapad z570, k47, v570 series laptop battery battery type:lithium-ion (li-ion)voltage: Read More...


End Date: 2017-12-25 02:14

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